What are the keys to a successful business and what are the pitfalls for failure?

  • Success of one’s business if defined differently by all owners.
  • There are 3 Key components that all successful business share, that provide the cash flow, personal achievement and quality of life that are the characteristics of success.
  • Provide an outstanding product or a service that is highly needed, desired or necessary in today’s economy which is not dependent on recessionary fluctuations.
  • Innovation, dedication, and passion of management to entity goals and company’s mission statement
  • Accurate and timely financial information to guide the entities financial direction.

Without these elements, true financial success isn’t obtainable

Pitfalls to avoid?

  • Inadequate financial reporting.
  • Hiring incompetent staff and drama surrounding employees
  • Lack of dedication, motivation and innovation at ownership/management level.
  • Owner trying to do everything by theirselves.  Delegation of proper staff is necessary so owner/management grow their business and not “work at” the business.  Having people function within their skill sets are of optimum importance.

How can our firm help you in achieving your desired success?

  • In the last 30 years we have seen many businesses succeed and some fail.  As CPA ‘s and consultants, we can help you define and deliver your product or service as efficiently as possible and make your business financial environment, better than your competition.
  • We provide accurate, timely, 24/7 outsourced bookkeeping and accounting services for our clients so they can focus on growing their business and not performing functions that are non revenue generating.  These services are quicker and less expensive option to providing these within your organization.  We eliminate drama within the work environment.
  • Your business will become a paperless environment where all of your documents are stored on a heavily encrypted , secure remote server.
  • Having this instantaneous financial information will allow you to make informed, accurate and sound financial decisions to guide you company of your version of success

So if you feel this would be helpful to your business,  call the toll free number on this website or feel free to email me.