QuickBooksQuickBooks Paperless Solutions:

Daniel M. Kavanaugh CPA is actively involved in providing its clients with practical IT consulting and solutions. Our proprietary paperless Quickbooks solution is just the beginning of using technology to improve your bottom line. With the hype “Cloud Computing” and all of it’s benefits, many of our clients look to us to help them understand what is in it for them. “Is it safe?” and ”Does it make sense for me?” are questions we hear frequently. In response, we have developed:

  • Cloud Migration Strategy
  • Cloud Security Analysis
  • IT Security/Risk Assessment
  • Bring Your Own Device(BYOD) Policy Development
  • Acceptable Use Policies for Internet and Freeware(like DropBox)
  • Mobile Device Security Strategy

Whether it is our cloud based, paperless Quickbooks solution or evaluating new technology for your business, Daniel M. Kavanaugh CPA will be there to guide you through the process.